Cleanse Support

Before The Cleanse

Good Preparation Yields Better Results

Start eating fresh, unprocessed food several days prior to starting the cleanse. If you cannot pronounce it or if it has an infinite shelf life DO NOT eat it!
Reduce your alcohol consumption.
Start drinking more water; a lot more water.
Begin each day with a cup of hot water with lemon.
Cut back on caffeine. If eliminating caffeine completely is not an option, switch from coffee to green tea.
Eliminate added sugars, especially artificial ones like corn syrup, saccharin, sucralose, aspartame and all the rest.
Add more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet.

The day before you start the cleanse, continue the above and also:

  • Eliminate animal products (ex: meat, dairy, eggs)
  • Eat mostly fruits and vegetables today. Organic beans or organic tofu is ok too.
  • Continue to drink lots of water.

During The Cleanse

Cleansing Tips

Start your day with a squeeze of organic lemon in warm or hot filtered water.
Drink filtered water, organic green tea or herbal tea in between your Reset juices.
Finish the last drink 2 hours before you go to sleep so your body may fully rest and repair.


Begin each day of your cleanse with juice #1 and enjoy the fresh taste of delicious organic produce.
Wait about 2 hours and then continue on to juice #2.
Repeat steps 1 and 2, drinking your juices in consecutive order and ending each day with #6.
Next day . . . Repeat.

Stay Strong

It is time to be 100% committed to drinking juice, the whole juice and nothing but the juice. While we strongly encourage ditching all food for the length of your cleanse, we do understand that everyone is human. So just in case temptation gets the best of you, we are giving you a few small cheats that won’t undo all of your good work. Nobody ever even has to know.

  • Half of an organic avocado with lemon squeezed on it.
  • Organic celery or cucumber. Chew really well to make it easy on your digestive system
  • Some organic romaine with lemon squeezed on it. (Almost like a Caesar salad; minus the croutons, the dressing, and the cheese)
  • Warm organic, low sodium vegetable broth.

How can I increase the effectiveness of the cleanse?

Drink lots of filtered water!
Spend time in a sauna which will help the body rid itself of toxins. Infrared is best.
Book a massage or reflexology. Both help to release stored toxins.
Dry skin brushing and exfoliation removes dead skin, which is the biggest detoxification organ.
Consider getting a colonic before, during, and/or after cleansing.

How does it work?

A weekly recurring order of 6 or more juices is ideal for clients committed to a better diet and enhanced wellness. This convenient option saves time and money while ensuring regular weekly deliveries of Ritual Cleanse's premium organic juices. Don't wait in line at the juice bar, enjoy the superior nutrition found in our cold pressed juice blends with regular deliveries. Drink 2 juices a day or share them with your family for a happier and healthier household.

After The Cleanse

How do I ease off of the cleanse and maintain my Reset?

Ease off the cleanse and maintain your Reset by following these recommendations. They will help you transition back to whole food while ensuring you continue to reap the benefits earned on the cleanse.

Many cleansers continue to eat all raw food for a few days post-cleanse. This is a great way to glide back into eating whole food while continuing to allow your body to move toward greater health. If you're eager to return to your regular eating habits, but don't want to wreak havoc on your system, follow these guidelines:

  • Continue to start your days with hot water and lemon.
  • Eat only fruit for breakfast your first day post-cleanse.
  • For lunch, have a vegetable salad with an olive oil based dressing.
  • A vegetable broth based soup is a good option for dinner.

Take it easy and exercise caution when reintegrating dairy and meat. We are not saying don’t do it. Just notice how you feel after you do and then decide for yourself. Same rule goes for caffeine and alcohol. And keep it organic whenever possible!