Shipping / Delivery

Pick-Up Details

Plan to pick up your cleanse during the window of time indicated for the location you selected. Your juice is packed in an insulated cooler bags and needs to be refrigerated as soon as possible after pick-up. We do not guarantee that these locations will be open outside of the specified hours. Juices must be consumed within four days or by their expiration date.

Delivery Details

All deliveries are made between midnight and 6:30am
Please make sure that you have provided us all of the info that we need to deliver to your home.
Please provide a gate code or tell the guard that you are expecting a delivery from Ritual Cleanse.

FedEx Details

Fedex fees are determined by weight.

All packages outside of Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County are shipped via FedEx Priority overnight service. Unless you are in an “extended delivery zone”, your package should arrive prior to 11am. Upon shipment, you will receive an email with a tracking # that can be used to track your package. We suggest planning to begin your cleanse the morning after your juices arrive. Cleanses that are longer than three days, will require multiple shipments.

Recurring Orders

Recurring orders are delivered on the same day as your initial order each week. After six consecutive weeks of deliveries, you may cancel or alter your order by calling us at 949.954.6522

Delivery Methods

Door to Door
California Counties
(L.A, S.D., O.C)
Pickup Location Partners
(Select SoCal Businesses)
Coast to Coast
Nationwide Delivery
(FedEx Priority Overnight)