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Juice Under Pressure

We are committed to delivering you the most nutrient dense and delicious raw juice possible. To do so, we maintain the nutritional integrity of our juices, while killing potentially harmful bacteria through the revolutionary use of high pressure pascalization (HPP). HPP allows us to serve you the best quality juices with absolute confidence in their safety and purity.

Juice Under Pressure

How It Is Different?

Unlike heat pasteurization, HPP preserves the raw goodness of juice as nature intended. Traditional heat pasteurization destroys enzymes, can decrease vitamins and essentially cooks the juice.

Picture This

After the bottles are filled and capped, the bottled juice is placed into a pressure chamber filled with cold water for approximately 60 to 120 seconds. While in this chamber, extreme pressure (the equivalent of being submerged 20 miles beneath the ocean floor) is applied from all directions to the outside of the bottle, while the juice itself remains untouched.

Why It Works

Harmful invaders, which are a potential threat in all raw foods, such as Ecoli, Salmonella, and Listeria, are unable to survive under this extreme pressure. Additionally, shelf life shortening bacteria, such as yeast and mold, which are also present in almost all raw foods, are stopped dead in their tracks and killed off.

BUT . . . vitamins, minerals and even enzymes survive this pressure!

Here Is What We Found

The comparative analysis of our juice before and after HPP validated that the juices retained vitamins and kept enzymes intact. Equally important, the tests also confirmed that after more than two weeks no bacteria had grown to dangerous levels as it would have in juice that had not undergone HPP.

Why would this be?

The reality is that all raw juice and other living foods slowly die. Bacteria is present on all living things and is part of what causes real food to deteriorate over time. HPP prolongs the life of living food by short circuiting any shelf life shortening bacteria. This innovative process allows you to drink Ritual Juice with the confidence that you are feeding your cells the vitamins and enzymes that are essential to your vibrant health in their purest form.

Why We Are Proud to HPP

We made the decision to HPP our products in an effort to even further improve the safety, quality and superiority of Ritual Juices. This decision is in line with our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement of our products for your well being!