The Founders

About / Lori Kenyon Farley / Marra St. Clair

Founded by Lori Kenyon Farley and Marra St. Clair in March 2010, both principles bring great personal passion and expertise to the company.

As friends and workout partners, Lori and Marra began exploring the benefits of raw juice cleanses in 2008. For Lori, it was a feeling of sluggishness and toxicity resulting from an extended round of antibiotics that pushed her to first try cleansing. For Marra, it was a diagnosis of Celiac disease in college that charted Marra's course and fueled her interest in wellness.

Together, Lori and Marra knew there must be a better way to cleanse. Now, with Ritual Wellness, Lori is excited to combine her business and legal expertise with her passion for health and fitness, while Marra continues her mission to empower people to improve their lives.